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Origin: Germany
Aptamil Pre EAN number: 4008976022350 (4x800g)
Aptamil 1 EAN number: 4008976022329 (4x800g)
Aptamil 2 EAN number: 4008976022336 (4x800g)
Aptamil 3 EAN number: 4008976022343 (4x800g)
Aptamil 1 EAN number: 4008976022305 (4x600g)
Aptamil 2 EAN number: 4008976022312 (4x600g)
Aptamil HA1 550gX6 (€ 14×6)
Aptamil HA2 550gX6 (€ 12×6)
Aptamil HA3 550gX6 (€ 14×6)
Aptamil Pre (3×1.2kg)
Aptamil 1 1.2kgX3
Aptamil 2 1.2kgX3
Aptamil 3 1.2kgX3
Aptamil Profutura Pre (4x800g)
Aptamil Profutura First Infant milk (4x800g)
Aptamil Profutura follow-on milk 2 (4x800g)


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As a research company, Aptamil has a unique, international network of scientists in the field of infant and young child nutrition. More than 300 scientists and numerous collaborations with leading universities and university clinics ensure that their in-house breast milk research has a top position in internationally recognized basic research. Many of the research projects are supported by German and European research funds due to the high scientific level. All employees have a common vision: to provide the best possible support for nutritional needs during the particularly important first 1,000 days from pregnancy to the first years of life.

That is why quality control begins with the raw material. The farmers and dairy farmers who supply are given precise instructions on the correct cultivation methods in order to exclude conceivable pollution. The work in the farms is continuously checked by experts. The raw materials are only used for our products if the suppliers adhere exactly to the specifications.

Aptamil was the first manufacturer to add LCP * and scGOS / lcFOS ** to their baby formulas. Studies show the positive effects with respect to following aspects:

Immune system: significantly fewer allergic symptoms, fewer infections and fewer antibiotic prescriptions in the first 24 months of life. 8

Brain development: significantly faster information processing in 6-year-olds thanks to LCP-containing baby food. 10

Metabolism: significantly reduced diastolic blood pressure in 6-year-olds when fed with LCP-containing baby food. 11

* Short chain galacto / long chain fructooligosaccharides. ** LCP = long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids


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