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Black Tiger Shrimp



Highly versatile, the Black Tiger (Farmed) and Sea Tiger (Wild) together constitute the Tiger shrimp category. They have gray to black stripes on gray or bluish shells and associated stripes on peeled meat. The white flesh becomes tinged with orange if cooked peeled and red if cooked in the shell.

Raw Black Tiger Shrimp (With Shells)
Raw Headon Shellon : 31/40 to 80/120 pcs/kg
Raw Headless Shellon : 21/25 to 91/110 pcs/lb
Raw Headless Shellon Easy Peel : 21/25 to 71/90 pcs/lb
Raw Black Tiger Shrimp (P&D/PUD/PTO)
Raw P&D/PUD Tail-on and off : 26/30 to 9 1/110 pcs/kg
Raw PTO Butterfly : 26/30 to 71/90 pcs/lb
Raw P&D/PUD Tail-on and Off Skewers : 26/30 to 61/70 pcs/lb
Black Tiger Shrimp Rings
Skinpacked with Cocktail : Using cooked P&D Tail-on 26/30 to 91/120 pcs/lb
Sauce & clear dome or in printed inner box With or without sauce Ring sizes: 6 oz to 40 oz
Black Tiger Shrimp Wedges
Skinpacked with Cocktail Using Cooked P&D Tail-on 41/50 to 71/90 pcs/lb
Sauce & clear lid Wedge sizes:- 3 oz to 4 oz
Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp (Peeled)
Cooked P&D Tail-on (CPTO) : 26/30 to 91/120 pcs/lb
Cooked P&D Tail-off : 26/30 to 91/120 pcs/lb
Cooked PUD Tail-off : 31/40 to 200/300 pcs/lb
Sushi Ebi : “LL, L, M, S, SS”
Cooked Black Tiger Shrimp (Shellon)
Cooked Headon Shellon 21/30 to 51/60 pcs/kg
Cooked Headless Shellon 16/20 to 71/90 pcs/lb
Cooked Headless Shellon Easy Peel 16/20 to 71/90 pcs/lb
Sushi Ebi : “LL, L, M, S, SS”


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